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Streaks Series 

The Streaks Series gets its name from the painting method (using spatulas to blend paints in sweeping motions) and by the eventual result - which evokes a sense colors forming 'streaks'. Using acrylic paints (in matte, gloss, fluorescent and phosphorous forms), the paintings convey a feeling of energy and movement accentuated by light. Clients wanting their own personalized Streak can order according to size, background and colors used. Streaks have appeared in public and commercial venues as well as finding homes in private collections across Europe, N America and the Middle East.  





"By marrying a multitude of colors – as disruptively as possible - I attempt to promote the feeling of perpetual movement. I want each individual to see their own vision within the blend of images. I want these visions to morph with any changes in lighting. Using deep 3-D canvas helps create that effect. If I am able to make you see or feel something new every time you see a Streak painting – I feel have succeeded". 


"Vibrant, energetic, powerful, clear, harmonious and with purpose" - Amir & Monica H (London)

“With a Phillips Mood Light, these paintings literally come alive. In natural light, the colors change dramatically” – Hoss & Moji L (Washington DC)

"Light and color in seemingly perpetual motion" - Carlos & Judith B (Barcelona)