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Freaks takes Streaks and adds a new element…faces. The combination is a play on abstract imagery and moving colors, at times intense, at times amusing and always surreal. The ‘faces’ drawn on the Streaks are born out of the patterns that are created when colors clash on the canvas. In some paintings, words and phrases have been added, creating a world of color, characters and narrative. 




“I was an avid comic book reader and fond of Mad Magazine, especially the cartoons by Don Martin and Sergio Aragones. Freaks is an extension of comic-book influence, pop art and story-telling - they are a blend of surreal imagery and a narrative. You see what you want to see, and if you can sketch a story in your head, even better”. 


"Something new each time you look at it; a painting that does not "grow old'" - Paul & Loos K (Cannes) 

"A delightful blend of colors that reflect light in fantastic ways, creating constant energy!" - Gabriel A (Paris)

"The phosphorus paint ignites a mad movement of colors running on the canvas like lava" - Scott R (Nice) 

"Up against the wall our painting is like a vibrant window to a summer escape" - Darius & Aideen M (London)